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University of Gdańsk

The University of Gdańsk is the largest educational institution in the Pomerania region. It has eleven faculties with almost 28 000 students, doctoral students and post-graduates, who are taught by academic staff of 1700 people. The University has been actively involved in Baltic cooperation through the implementation of numerous scientific projects. It is also leader of the National Centre for Baltic Research Consortium which comprises Pomeranian universities and research institutes.

Role in COMBINE:
University of Gdansk leads the WP 3, “Optimize combined transport operation in terminals” which focuses on efficient terminal operation. The main aim of the WP3 is to develop a BSR wide terminal strategy based on national strategies and considering international transport chains. University of Gdansk also leads the Group of Activities 3.1 “Benchmark analysis of terminal operation in the Baltic Sea Region”, GoA 3.2 “Increasing awareness, knowledge and acceptance of terminal handling and operation innovations”, GoA 4.1 “Innovative last mile solutions to strengthen combined transport”  as well as GoA 4.5. “Round table with national transport ministries”.