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Since 1928 the Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V. (SGKV) roughly translated as German Promotion Centre for Intermodal Transport, is active on behalf of the interests of intermodal rational transport chains. The association aims at strengthening and developing Combined Transport further by bringing together research and practice. As a neutral institution of non-profit the SGKV unites over 80 members under the same roof: Through terminal operators, universities and haulage companies, different opinions regarding Combined Transport meet and share a common goal: organizing freight traffic in an environmentally friendly, more efficient, and sustainable way by means of intelligent intermodal transport chains.

Role in COMBINE:
Apart from developing a definition of combined transport adapted for the Baltic Sea region, SGKV´s main tasks include analysing the CT market with regard to the regional cargo flows as well as local transport organization, the latter primarily concerning handling technologies and equipment used, loading units and the goods transported. Furthermore, innovative horizontal transhipment systems are presented and their suitability for the Baltic Sea region is assessed. Based on these analyses, the SGKV develops a guideline for the efficient design of CT transport chains in the study area.