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Lithuanian Railways

LG is a strategic and the largest Lithuanian transport sector’s company, which develops its activities in three main directions: transportation of cargo and passengers by railways, administration of the public railway infrastructure, as well as maintenance and development. The company manages almost 1,900 km of railway network, more than 100 railway stations, 4 intermodal terminals and develops a strategic project “Rail Baltica”. The company creates the biggest GDP share in Lithuania.

Role in COMBINE: 
Lithuanian Railways will contribute to COMBINE with knowledge and data about CT market, CT technologies in operation as well as innovative technologies relevant for BSR and transport chains in the BSR. Lithuanian Railways is responsible for the pilot project, in which the possibility for a CT transport of semi-trailers by rail from Germany via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to Finland will be analyzed. This includes transshipment from 1435 mm to 1520 mm gauge. The transport chain could also include ro-ro ferry transportation. Activities in COMBINE include market research, terminal capacity analysis and transportation model simulation.