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Visualize the flows of intermodal loading units in the BSR

You can now visualize the flows of intermodal loading units in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond thanks to industry data published by UIRR and UIC.

”Cargo Flows in BSR” title on top of the COMBINE website takes you to interactive dashboards to visualize the existing flows in the BSR: the newly developed dashboard presents the UIRR and UIC figures in a user-readable interactive format.

The content and design of this tool is based on the cargo flow analysis performed jointly by SGKV and UIRR which describes the Combined Transport Market in the BSR. Both Associations have been supported for the development of the interactive tool by an external partner, Dr. Paul Hebes based in Germany.

The dashboard interactively presents UIRR and (partly) UIC data on unit flows in Europe, including the BSR. Several filter options are available to generate customized views that suits the users’ needs and specifications. In general, the dashboard allows the user to go from general overview to detail quickly and easily. In the proposed filter menu, the data sources, the displayed year for the maps and other graphs as well the desired selections can be determined by the user as for example, the number of exports, imports or total volume.

Optionally, it is possible to select individual countries of interest in the first map. The second map shows the relations between the countries and with a simple click on an O-D relation the values for this selected country relation will appear instantly. The color intensity and line widths used in the dashboard highlights the share of the transported volumes by type of loading unit.