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Flagship status for COMBINE

COMBINE project gained the flagship status, as agreed on the EUSBSR National Coordinators’ meeting, 15 May 2019 in Copenhagen.

COMBINE will contribute to achieving the objects of PA Transport action No. 3 “Encourage macro-regional transfer of sustainable solutions in passenger and freight transport” (ref. EUSBSR action plan, p. 151) pursuing to develop and implement logistic solutions based on the strengthening of different combined transport concepts. The output of COMBINE is expected to deliver important contributions to the Action Plan.

COMBINE contributes to the “exchange of best practices and experience in implementing innovations and smart technology measures among the EU Member States” in the fields of combined transport, combined terminals, high capacity transport and platooning in the BSR.

The project further supports the improvement of “transport conditions in less populated areas depending on access to larger markets can be challenging due to low transportation flows" by serving northernmost parts of the region, being depending of a well functioning and reliable transport system as connection to the world market. (ref. EUSBSR action plan, p. 154)

An improved combined transport system will help to overcome these challenges. Further political support by the Member States is ensured by having involved all national transport ministries either as partner or associated organisation.
COMBINE will help combined transport to get the attention and to fulfil the assigned role in the future traffic system of the BSR. It will improve transport links, increase efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of transport system (according to EUSBSR action plan, sub-objective: Good transport conditions, p. 45).