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E-book on Combined Transport in the Baltic Sea Region published

As part of the COMBINE project, E-book on Combined Transport in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) was published.

The COMBINE partnership developed this e-book to describe all combined transport related issues in the Baltic Sea Region, e.g., terminals with their service portfolio, operators, and other stakeholders. Most important rules and regulations as well as the most promising last mile solutions and handling technologies have been looked at in a BSR-centric manner.

The publication is the result of the work of many teams working within the framework of the COMBINE Interreg BSR project in the years 2019-2021. The ambition of the authors was to present as comprehensively as possible the issues of organization, operation, and development of combined transport with particular emphasis on the Baltic Sea Region.

The authors of the book in alphabetical order are: Małgorzata Bielenia (University of Gdansk, Poland), Clemens Bochynek (SGKV, Germany), Adam Borodo (University of Gdansk, Poland), Adina Cailliaux (Port of Hamburg Marketing, Germany), Giuseppe T. Cirella (University of Gdansk, Poland), Ernest Czermański (University of Gdansk, Poland), Eric Feyen (UIRR, Belgium), Jakub Jankiewicz (University of Gdansk, Poland), Laura Normio (Ramboll, Finland), Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek (University of Gdansk, Poland), Jan Wedemeier (Hamburg Institute of International Economics), and Bogusz Wiśnicki (Maritime Academy in Szczecin).

Read the book here:

Further information:

Ernest Czermański, Professor of the University of Gdansk, Head of Maritime Economy Division

M: +48 502 24 14 14 / T: +48 58 523 13 89