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COMBINE 2nd partner meeting took place in Gothenburg

The second partner meeting took place on 18th-19th June in the Lindholmen Science Park.
COMBINE project partners incl. Ms. Vineta Grieķere

More than 30 COMBINE project partners gathered in Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg for the 2nd project meeting after first 6 months of the Interreg BSR project to present first midterm results, agree on next steps and kick-off the last work package activities. Also three external guests were participating this event: Ms. Vineta Grieķere from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Joint Secretariat, Mr. Mats Rosenquist from the VOLVO Group and Mr. Thomas Erlandson from the PA Transport EUSBSR.

Back to back to this all partner meeting, there was also a WP5 kick-off meeting in a smaller group to start the activities within this work package in the second half of the year 2019.