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The COMBINE project started in January 2019 and runs till June 2021.

Combined transport in the Baltic Sea region: challenges and opportunities

Target groups: transport ministries, administrations, shippers, carriers and industry players

Optimize combined transport operation in terminals

Target groups: terminal and transport operators, potential CT customers, transport politicians

Capacity building for sustainable last mile transport

Target groups: transport ministries, administration, shippers, transport operators

Framework conditions for combined transport (regulatory / support programmes)

Target groups: transport ministries, administrations, European Commission

  • Benchmarking of existing combined transport funding schemes
  • Non-financial support to boost combined transport in BSR
  • Dialogue with national politicians and European Commission
  • Recommendations for adoption of rules and regulations for better consideration of BSR specifics such as rural structure, low transport volumes and long last mile
  • Recommendations for BSR specific support schemes

Project results


  • Identification of measures to improve terminals in BSR

    Published 7 September 2020
    View (pdf 5.54 MB)
  • Innovative last mile solutions to strengthen combined transport

    Published 30 June 2020
    View (pdf 1.54 MB)
  • Identification and benchmarking of the legal, organisational and financial set up for existing combined terminals in the BSR

    Published 17 June 2020
    View (pdf 2.05 MB)
  • Overview of the CT Market in the BSR

    Published 28 February 2020
    View (pdf 4.67 MB)