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Have a look at the new video on Combined Transport

In context of the current Corona pandemic, COMBINE partner organization UIRR has published a new video on Combined Transport in partnership with COMBINE project.

Combined transport has proved its reliability during the current Corona pandemic. Essential goods are carried in intermodal loading units throughout Europe, and semi-trailers and containers are efficiently transferred from road to rail.

In crisis situation such as the current Corona pandemic, intermodal freight transport has been particularly effective in supplying people and companies with goods. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of goods are transported with few personnel, there is no risk of traffic jams at national borders and transport can be carried out mainly contactless. Contactless terminal protocol helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus and frequent disinfection is carried out in the carriage where truck drivers travel.

Have a look at the newly published video here and read more about combined transport at UIRR's home site .